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Month: March 2015

A Good Recipe for Kitchen Renovation

Move over specialist interior decorators. Off-the-shelf home décor and do-it-yourself home renovation seem to have shed their cheap and nasty images now that a number of big retail brands such as Mr Price, the Foschini group, Edgars and Massmart are competing in this space. Add a variety of decor television programmes to the mix and you have a situation that is similar to that in the culinary world – people are no longer admiring the cordon bleu chef or interior decorator from afar but instead rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. And speaking of kitchens – this seems...

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Business owners frequently have good ideas and products but poor business administration skills, explains Kevin Watson who heads up Sprout Consulting. “The greatest need for small businesses is to understand business administration and get it right from the outset. A lot of businesses fail because they can’t,” he believes. The key for many start-ups and small enterprises is actually to outsource administration rather than do it themselves. This ultimately provides access to experienced professionals to which small businesses may not ordinarily have access. As Watson explains, big companies often share a common head office with teams that provide a...

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ISO Moulders – the Shape of Things to Come

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the packaging and construction solution of the future, believes ISO Moulders managing director, Phil Hollick. With over 20 year’s “polystyrene experience”, he should know. Hollick’s career extends from making the raw materials used to manufacture polystyrene to running a business producing polystyrene cups to heading up ISO Moulders which produces a wide variety of products for industrial applications. “We convert expanded polystyrene. The raw material comprises tiny beads that look like sugar. We pre-expand the beads using a process that is much like making popcorn,” he explains, adding that the ultimate density of the polystyrene...

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Transnet has no intention of slowing down when it comes to investment – even though challenges within the port of Durban cannot be addressed by “simply pouring concrete”, says newly appointed Durban port manager, Moshe Motlohi. But a little cement in the far reaching mix of solutions required to keep things on track will certainly go a long way towards unlocking the city’s ‘blue economy’ and even preventing an Eskom like scenario that South Africa’s economy can little afford. Mark Descoins, who declared that Transnet was standing its ground when it came to the Durban Dig Out Port (DDOP)...

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JT Ross rethinks motor dealerships

In the past, motor dealerships were seen as glass fronted boxes with greasy workshops behind them. However, J.T. Ross’ new investment – the R30 million state-of-the-art Toyota dealership on the corner of Solomon Mahlangu (formerly Edwin Swales) Drive and Jaco Place – fully encapsulates a whole new concept. “Dealerships are evolving. Nowadays, the modern dealership is an efficient and clean representation of the franchise’s global brand identity. The modern dealership represents the lifestyle that a brand’s vehicles encapsulate for potential customers. More and more franchises are moving towards lifestyle centres rather than mere utilitarian and functional spaces. Toyota is...

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