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Month: April 2015


Sometimes, you find what you’re meant to be doing when you aren’t exactly looking for it. All puns intended, that’s what happened to Sk8 Shades’ Dave de Witt. He’s a master craftsman and builder of skateboard ramps who simply set out to repair a broken pair of Aviator sunglasses. Today he turns out hundreds of pairs of his own branded eyewear, ingeniously made from used skateboard decks. Each is handmade in his wooden workshop in the garden of his Pinetown home. “I had more time than cash,” he says of a quiet period during which he wasn’t either building...

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Serco Introduces Load strapping for Shoprite

It has been estimated that up to 25% of accidents involving trucks can be attributed to inadequate cargo securing. Since 2002, European member states have taken practical steps towards improved road safety by developing guidelines and rules for cargo securing. However, the problem remains due to a lack of both knowledge and solutions. SERCO, which specialises in the design and manufacturing of insulated and dry freight fibreglass truck bodies and trailers that are relied upon by Southern Africa’s leading transporters and long distance haulers to carry everything from frozen ice-cream to day-old chicks, has drawn on its in-house design...

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A second shot at success

There’s no rummaging in the rough and peeking under bushes for 80 year-old Terry Pace, the passionate golfer and astute entrepreneur who created Second Chance more than 20 years ago. When out playing with friends, he’s quite happy to drop a shot and reach into his bag. “I never look for a ball because, more than likely, I will get that ball back. It’s not in my interests to find it!” he laughs. Pace’s shop in Durban North sells used golf balls collected from golf courses. While new golf balls can cost anything from R10 to R40 per ball,...

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The beauty of being in business

In Durban there is a beauty salon on virtually every corner, so you really have to be on top of your game. While there is consensus that time out at a professional beauty salon is the perfect escape from stress and agreement that the market for professional beauty treatments is growing in South Africa to keep step with an evolving middle class, this remains a fiercely competitive environment. Add to this the hard reality that times are tough and clients want more beauty bang for their buck and you realise that the stayers in this industry are testament to...

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Setting sail aboard the Shayamanzi

Lake Jozini – the stunning expanse of water that lies between the between the lovely Ubombo and Lebombo mountains is even more beautiful than one would expect. Without waxing too lyrical, it’s a gem in a Zululand that most of us think of as bushveld bordered by a somewhat rugged but intriguing Elephant Coast. Slightly inland from Sodwana Bay, Lake Jozini is fast becoming an eco-tourism destination of note. Apparently the lake itself – previously labeled the Pongolapoort Dam – is no stranger to controversy. Built during the sixties to irrigate over 80 000 hectares of farm land, it would have apparently failed all modern day environmental assessments dismally. But the Nationalist Party government of the day persisted. The irrigation scheme of which the then Pongolapoort Dam   was supposed to be the cornerstone was never fully developed and, from a water supply point of view, it is apparently still under utilised. But, as a fellow guest aboard the Shayamanzi explained, the good thing is that the sugar and fruit farmers that this was supposed to benefit are fast transforming their farms into private game farms. Now known as Lake Jozini, this magnificent expanse of water is now a tourist attraction in its own right. Lodges are springing up, suggesting that this will not remain an all but unknown tourism destination for long. Our trip was to enjoy the lovely...

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