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Month: August 2015


“I don’t usually eat meat,  but I sneak off to come have a mutton bunny at this location often and it’s definitely in the top of my list,” says satisfied customer, 56-year old Saqren Reddy. I am at last year’s winner of the Bunny Chow Barometer, Hollywood Bets. This is not my usual haunt but certainly worth a try during the run up to the Bunny chow barometer. Generally, I prefer eating at establishments which put food first – maybe it’s the hordes of desperate gamblers that have detoured Hollywood from becoming my local curry spot? This time round,...

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Now’s the best time to launch a brand!

In tough economic times, companies stop supporting their brands and cut their marketing budgets to save costs. But that’s the worst thing to do. With competitors’ eyes off the ball, now is probably the best time to launch a new company or new brand, believes Ingrid Budge, managing director of Metamorphosis Brand Transformation and marketing training company Metamorphosis Skills Transformation. An innovation and brand transformation guru, Budge counts big names and brands such as Tiger Brands, Adcock Ingram, Nestle, Barloworld, Mr Price, Nedbank, Rainbow Chickens, Kansai Plascon, Coca Cola, Woolworths and Brandhouse amongst her clients. But she says that...

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Lucy Markewicz is in front of her laptop at a table at the Freedom Café preparing for the day. All around her breakfasts and cappuccinos are being despatched from the kitchen – an operation that runs on well-oiled wheels to say the least. Primrose is being groomed by Lucy to take over ‘front of house’ at the trendy and popular restaurant that has become her signature, allowing Lucy to lead from behind the scenes and freeing her up to pursue her many other foodie business ideas. “You can’t do everything at once, it just doesn’t work,” she says. Yet,...

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It’s early Saturday morning, winter is upon us and even though Durban isn’t exactly a cold place, there is a reasonable chill in the air. This isn’t the time I’d usually be at Durban Curry House on Stamfordhill Road, but on this occasion I’m not just frequenting this iconic Durban location for mouthwatering Indian food, but also for an interview about one of Durban’s most famous exports – the Bunny Chow. On any given day, you will find a horde of hungry fans of the good old Durban Curry House queuing up for a reasonable priced bunny which is...

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Sometimes, you find what you’re meant to be doing when you aren’t exactly looking for it. All puns intended, that’s what happened to Sk8 Shades’ Dave de Witt. He’s a master craftsman and builder of skateboard ramps who simply set out to repair a broken pair of Aviator sunglasses. Today he turns out hundreds of pairs of his own branded eyewear, ingeniously made from used skateboard decks. Each is handmade in his wooden workshop in the garden of his Pinetown home. “I had more time than cash,” he says of a quiet period during which he wasn’t either building...

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