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Month: March 2016

Hey Obed, Howzit.

Hey Obed, howzit. I hope all is well with Boris & Brenda. (At first I thought it was cheeky of Private Eye to call her majesty “Brenda”, but the moniker has grown on me.)Anyway, I bet you guys aren’t having half as much fun in London as we are back home. Ah, eThekwini, though I opine our many shortcomings, at least we have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Of course, this refinement is not widely shared, especially by those miserable runts in the opposition parties. They really are a dour bunch of Mother Grundies.They have objected...

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Eating at Earthmother Organic is enough to make you turn green. Whether you are vegan or a carnivore, if you just want to pop in and sample a delicious raw chocolate treat or if you fancy finding out what pea protein powder is, Earthmother Organic is for you. It is one of the only fully organic retailers in South Africa with a product range of over 900 items – from baby products to household cleaners and everything in between. In Durban, Earthmother Organic has been something or a pioneer in the organic space and one of the very first...

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Reece Easthorpe is the man on the beat down at 8 Morrison Street, a dynamic and integrated space situated in what has been dubbed ‘Rivertown’, Durban. The area is in the process of being transformed by Maboneng developer, Propertuity, and 8 Morrison is the pilot so to speak. In the past year, the space has successfully drawn like-minded people into the city to shop, work, celebrate and indulge in all things local, sustainable, artistic and delicious. From the moment he took the reigns, Reece has exuded passion and relentless energy, lighting a fire in the furnace that is the...

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DB Apparel, the Jacobs based underwear manufacturer behind five well-known global brands – Playtex, Wonderbra, Shock Absorber, BEAR and She Bear – has been snapped up by global giant, HanesBrands. For the local operation, which was created in 1970 and is the only full assortment underwear manufacturer in South Africa that supplies to both the male and female underwear markets, it will be business as usual. The buyout, for an undisclosed amount, means a name change to Hanes South Africa but little upheaval for the 795 people at its factories which turn out around five million units per annum....

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Dear Obed: Im Back

Hey Obed, howzit boet. My hat, it has been too long. Thank you for your emails, postcards and the lovely tea from Harrods (it must have cost a quid or two). I’ve tried to be teetotal, but, as you know, my Mauritian temperament renders me weak. It’s not my fault, the Morningside madams sensing my bad mood rising, fling themselves upon me. Their spirits are buoyed by wine and they are breathless and beguiling. The mixture of adoration and political indignation is arousing.It offers respite from all the nonsense back home. You won’t believe the shenanigans here. I was...

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