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Month: April 2016


Hey Obed, howzit. I trust all is good and you cracked the nod to the Queen’s 90th. I haven’t been much in the party mood lately. I’m normally the first to down tequilas and throw myself into the arms of Morningside madams. But a few sobering things have happened lately.  I saw a post on Facebook which, though quite trite, hit home. A friend posted a picture of children in Zululand crossing a river on the way to school.  “President Zuma, how can you take R250 million of taxpayers’ money to build yourself a home when born-frees are defying...

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Although the Durban Airshow that was usually held at Virginia Airport is conspicuous by its absence for the second year in a row, it seems that the die hards in the aviation sector are not giving up on Durban just yet. The Sky Grand Prix of Aerobatics will take to the skies on May 28. According to the organisers, around 10 000 Durbanites are expected to turn up for a spectacular show at the Greyville Race Course. With tickets at R220 per adult, that should bring in a sizeable sum. However, it will take place in tandem with one of the lead up races to...

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The digital revolution has reached the Durban property sector, completely refreshing the way that people have done business for decades. callowner, a newly launched KwaZulu-Natal property portal, allows buyers and sellers, as well as those looking to lease or rent properties, to transact directly. By selling or leasing their properties themselves, they will cut out the middleman and potentially save themselves hundreds of thousands of rands in commission. “On a property valued at between R1-million and R2-million, you could save enough to buy a small car,” says callowner director, Sean Brimacombe. Brimacombe and fellow entrepreneur and property investor, Jonathan...

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  WHY ARE WE SQUANDERING A BILLION RAND BUSINESS? Back in the day, when kids were still in awe of what was happening in Durban, I recall waving off a great aunt and uncle from the then glamorous Ocean Terminal. They were boarding a Union Castle ship to England. Decades later, the cruise industry has changed. The Ocean Terminal is an office block and the cruise terminal is a cargo shed. Nowadays, it is bums in cabins with thousands of passengers packed in, much like on large continent hopping Boeings. The only difference is that it’s about the journey rather...

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Umshini wami’s merciful release

Hey Obed, howzit. I hope all is good at South Africa House, thousands of miles away from eThekwini, the heartland of our shameless president. It must be good to down a pint at the local and forget about the troubles back home. Although; Umshini Wami looks quite unperturbed for one who is the subject of such ridicule and national scorn. I tell you, Obed, a lesser man would have crumbled under the pressure. Imagine, all these veterans of the struggle coming out to dis you, ouch. Ahmed Kathrada, Trevor Manuel, Cheryl Carolus, Thabo Mbeki, Siphiwe Nyanda… The list goes...

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