The Rhumbelow, our favourite quirky theatre in Umbilo (Cunningham Ave off Bartle Rd) often stages shows that one would never have thought would get to Durban!

One is Warts and All, an autobiographical one man show by veteran of SA stage and screen, Clive Scott.

If you were first discovering TV in the seventies, you’ll remember Clive as Ted Dixon (aka “Hey Stupid!”) in The Villagers. If you’re a fan of subsequent SA soapies and television shows, then you may remember him in Oh George, Life Begins at 40, The John Ross Story and River Horse Lake.

Theatre in South Africa has long maintained a special role in connecting us to our past, our present and hope for our future. Clive Scott’s 50 year career, storytelling prowess, wealth of experience and insight casts a unique light on places we have been enabling us to understand where we are now so that we can decide where to from here.

Warts and All – “an iconic  tribute to some of South Africa’s best loved theatre moments” – is a South African road trip from Parkview, Johannesburg to Springs, Cape Town and Salisbury. There’s a step across to London and a return to the heady world of South African stars and a few stripes.

031business spoke to Clive.

031business: What has been the highlight of your (very long) career?

 Funnily enough, the highlight of my long career was going through a breakdown at 33 when my first marriage broke up and I came back to South Africa after 12 years in Britain! It wasn’t fun at the time but, in retrospect, it changed my thinking and my outlook on life and put everything into perspective. Don’t take life too seriously as it could get worse – or better. Let others say, do, and think what they like about you, that is their problem. Your biggest challenge is to be yourself no matter what.


031business: If you could have done one thing differently, what would that be?

 I wouldn’t have done anything differently otherwise I wouldn’t be who I am today. The choices you make today will create who you are tomorrow.


031business: Why a one man show?

 As I was not being employed much, the best thing was to create my own employment. I have been telling humorous stories for years, so I thought I might as well be paid for them and I enjoy sharing laughter with others.


031business: Things are tough in SA right now both politically and economically –yet we still manage to laugh at ourselves – why do you think that is important?

 Things get really ridiculous and the only thing to do is to laugh or see the funny side of things. After all, who wants to spend one’s life crying? The other thing that is amazing is how little we need to live and to be happy.  I have seen desperately poor people who are generous and happy in spite of their circumstances.


031business: What are five things that you enjoy about Durban?

The five things I like about Durban – apart from the warmth – are probably the first five people I meet and speak to. People are amazing and everyone has his or her story to tell if we take the time to listen. I will also enjoy having my wife Margie and sister-in-law Chris with me in Toti. Nice to be near the sea and just relax. Joey’s is very cold for me as I get older.


031business: If you could launch a business, what would that be and why?

 If I had to start another business, I wouldn’t have a clue. But, having been a waiter so often between jobs and also running restaurants in London, that might be an idea. But one never knows what opportunities might present themselves. I like writing as well, so that is an option. I nearly went to Canada when I was very young as I had a job lined up with the Montreal Star as some sort of journalist. But I ended up in London instead.


031business: Tell us which VIP you’d appoint as managing director – you can even go for Jacob Zuma if you’re brave enough!

 As for a VIP to manage or sponsor me, I am not sure I would choose anyone as I like working for myself and not having to blame anyone else for anything.


031business: What next after Warts and All!

What after Warts and All. Maybe an Indian show called Warts and All and All!



Show details:

FRIDAY         22 JULY 2016   Show starts 20.00

SATURDAY   23 JULY 2016   Show starts 14.00

SATURDAY   23 JULY 2016   Show starts 20.00

SUNDAY        24 JULY 2016   Show starts 18.30

(Venue opens 90 minutes before show for picnic dinner. Braais will be available should you wish to cook some meat)



R 140-00 a ticket.

Limited secure parking available

Bar Available (no alcohol may not be brought on to the premises)


Book at COMPUTICKET or Phone or email Roland for bookings on 082 499 8636 or email at