artSPACE Durban, located in a warehouse in the light industrial segment off Umgeni Road, and one of the stalwarts of Durban’s fragmented and somewhat mercurial art scene, will be home to exhibitions by young Durban artists and sisters Samantha and Charlot Boock until July 28.

Created by Karen and Claus Bradtke over 12 years ago and now owned by Arkus Architects, this gallery has done a great deal to bolster the city’s young and emerging artists. It seems that this tradition continues.

Samantha Boock is currently working on her Masters in Fine Art at Durban University of Technology while her sister, Charlot, is a DUT Graphic Design student.

Samantha’s exhibition, entitled Seeking Permanence in a Transient World, shows work that questions the western notion of desiring permanence, for things to stay constant, stable and controllable. In reality, she says, we need to understand that it cannot be achieved as we are transient.

Boock’s work attempts to gain a sense of permanence by capturing people onto photographs. Each acts as a canvas with its own history and context. “It has a captured moment on it, to be remembered forever, or, for as long as the image or photographic paper exists,” she says in her dissertation.

In the work, images of people have been physically ‘scarred’ into the photograph’s surface, forcing the permanent embedment of the person into the medium. The photographs have been stained, bleached or scratched to reveal the person that has been captured.

The images rendered are of people with which Boock has or has had a relationship in some form, exploring the transience of relationships or her own transience. Her work attempts to keep these figures in her life longer than in reality. The viewer however ‘passes through’ these images just as Boock has with the people depicted.

Her sister’s work couldn’t be more different. A stroll through artSPACE’s Corridor space will reveal an exhibition of sometimes quirky graphic design images that tantalise, amuse and question.