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Month: August 2016


 This is a show where Bach meets Pink Floyd and Amadeus rocks to the music of Stevie Wonder, Meat Loaf, Pink Floyd, Vanessa Mae, Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, The Moody Blues and more. The Barnyard Theatre – the home of tribute shows and great pizza – is back in its groove with Amadeus Rocks! where rock and classical music collide between 30 August and 9 October. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart comes back to life as a sexy, romantic composer who has finally been given the chance to rock and roll. Amadeus Rocks! features nine musicians and singers who...

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Meet Val Adamson, the portrait maestro

Val Adamson is a photographer extraordinaire. Born in Kenya, she studied in Edinburgh and lives in Durban. She is renowned for her stylish portraits. One of her first jobs was in Pretoria, as a dark room assistant for the erstwhile Performing Arts Council of Transvaal. She told journalist Beth Stols she’d had little exposure to theatre before then, but was soon entranced. Her work, though wildly varied, is synonymous with dance and arts & culture. Adamson has been connected to The Playhouse Company for over 20 years. She’s won numerous awards for excellence in photography and in 2014 was...

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   DURBAN GOES BEYOND THREADS  Durban will be donning its glad rags for the fifth Durban Fashion Fair (DFF) from Wednesday, August 31st to Saturday, September 3rd. Forty designers – including big names in South African fashion – will show collections during 16 shows at the Durban Exhibition Centre. The DFF is part of the eThekwini Municipality’s Fashion Development Programme and has cost the city around R25 million to date, previous deputy major, Mayor Nomvuzo Shabalala, revealed in June at the DFF 2016 launch. Even with this high price tag, the DFF is yet to get close to the...

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Hey Zandile, congrats! You are on the right track, just do the right thing.

Dear Zandile Howzit sisi I hope all is well and that you are happily ensconced in your new office and enjoying the trappings of power. I am deeply envious of you, as you well know. Not because you are chums with Umshini Wami, rather because you occupy the office I have coveted for so long. Anyway, enough sour grapes. Good luck, I am sure you are going to need it. I must kick off by congratulating you. I never credited you with as much savvy as you have displayed in your first week in office. Your inaugural address at...

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  The national sales team from parastatal airline SA Express touched down in Durban on Wednesday to announce a strategic partnership with the Durban Chamber of Commerce. As a result, Chamber members will be flying a little lighter with a 5% discount on peak flights and an 8% discount on off-peak flights. The visit was something of a reputational damage exercise, with the sales team acknowledging problems around their operations and trying to drum up flagging support from the Durban business community. “We apologise for the inconvenience from when we were grounded this year but we can assure all...

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