Val Adamson is a photographer extraordinaire. Born in Kenya, she studied in Edinburgh and lives in Durban. She is renowned for her stylish portraits. One of her first jobs was in Pretoria, as a dark room assistant for the erstwhile Performing Arts Council of Transvaal. She told journalist Beth Stols she’d had little exposure to theatre before then, but was soon entranced. Her work, though wildly varied, is synonymous with dance and arts & culture. Adamson has been connected to The Playhouse Company for over 20 years. She’s won numerous awards for excellence in photography and in 2014 was named a Living Legend by eThekwini Municipality. Adamson has done tons of corporate gigs, including jobs for giants like Unilever. She has also shot for a range of publications like the Sunday Times and Destiny magazine. Her style has been described as graceful. In her interactions she immediately puts subjects at ease, bringing out the best in icons like Madiba and Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Lopez, Joe Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas. She loves Durban. “I love the people and that the sea is just down the street. This is a special community. I love my job because of the fascinating people I meet everyday.” Adamson’s favorite photographer is Annie Leibovitz. “I like her quirkiness, her sense of humour and her beautiful lighting.” If Adamson had a unique selling point, it would be that she, like Leibovitz, connects with the people she shoots. Contact Val Adamson on 031 3037530 or


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