Dynamic Durban duo Karen McIntosh and Melissa Cuthbert have teamed up their ice cream companies and are poised to lick the opposition.

The partnership between Miss K Ice Cream Food and Huberto’s Luxury Ice Cream will build on a four-year collaboration between McIntosh and Cuthbert.

Both women will harness their strengths as active participants in the health and wellness sector.

McIntosh is marketing graduate who majored in logistics and ran a decorating and furnishings firm.

She also has extensive marketing experience in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment.

McIntosh launched Miss K Ice Cream Food in 2013. Her aim was to take a notoriously unhealthy food product, and through the combination of alternative natural ingredients, deliver tasty ice cream without all the unhealthy ingredients typically found in ice cream.

Cuthbert studied at the American International College, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, on a sports scholarship and has a degree in marketing and an MBA.

Returning to South Africa in 2012 Melissa achieved her goal of buying a business in the FMCG industry and now owns and runs Huberto’s, a KZN based ice cream operation.

McIntosh and Cuthbert have working together for the last four years and believe that pooling skills, talents and resources will give them economies of scale and improve customer service.

“This partnership extends our reach in the market, provides preferential manufacturing costs and distribution, and essentially brings our brands into a bigger fold, allowing growth,” McIntosh said.

“We believe that unlocking synergy, partnering and sharing knowledge and resources is key to the development of entrepreneurs in South Africa,” Cuthbert said.