“Dream big, Work hard. Stay focused and surround yourself with people that want to change the world. Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do what you love most and make it your day every day.”

These are the words that get young fashion designers, Erin Burgess and Chzraè Alicks, through the day.

They launched their business and fashion label, Theology, just two months ago and things are picking up day by day.

What they are most proud of is the positive feedback they receive from their customers – and how far they have got in a very short space of time.

These two ambitious high schoolers became frustrated with the fashion world that demands everyone has the same style.

They got tired of looking like every second teenager on the streets.

Irritated that shops sold almost identical garments, they joined up to do something completely different – and, Theology was born.

Theology focuses mainly on street wear with a 90’s twist to it. It can also be described as trendy and affordable. Burgess and Alicks have also created unisex clothing which is not that common in fashion today.

The name “Theology” – with a dictionary definition of religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed – comes from the young partners’ strong Christian beliefs.

“We know that nothing is possible without the man above. He has given us the strength and talent to create items that are attractive to different kinds of people.” says Alicks.

Burgess heads up the female side of the brand while Alicks focuses on the guys. Spreading the work load makes things easier for them.

Like any other start-up businesses, they have come across challenges, especially at the outset.

People were always trying their best to bring them down, thinking it is impossible for two teenagers to start up and run their own business.

Another challenge was the starting capital – so they decided to save all their money and make sure they contributed it all to the business.

“It was hard for us because we are also trying to complete our matric. But, without education you are nothing. So, dream big and make sure you work hard to get there,” advises Alicks.

All Theology clothing can be ordered online by sending a direct message on the official Instagram page@theology.za.